This will probably not be your typical travel blog. If its not for you, no hard feelings, there's plenty of cute kittens on the internet that ill definitely understand why you chose them. This is about my inner discovery through travel. Things will get spiritual and sometimes deep. Things may even get a lil weird, lol, but for anyone that knows me I am anything but ordinary. My goal is to potentially help people who are also looking for purpose in their life in whatever passion they choose.  Hopefully I can resonate on some level to give you the courage to keep going and the faith you need to keep chasing your dreams. Of course I'll talk about the cool places I visit and maybe even inspire you to visit them one day. I consider myself a top notch bargain hunter so ill also share some secrets to getting the best deals even free! I am a very lucky person to raised by my loving parents and I owe everything to them. Well, enjoy the show! 


Note I am almost 3 months in when I made the decision to create this so the first few posts will be backtracking. I haven't left the country yet though, 1 week till departure (Sept 1, 2017).

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