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"Moment of clarity"

September 07, 2017  •  1 Comment

One of the nights I was out on the town in Italy I got into a pretty nasty fight with a friend who will remain nameless. While I didn’t really want to share this story, I had what I call a moment of clarity in my spirituality that I can’t keep out of my internal journey.  People argue, fight, scream for all different reasons. Before I get into the details there’s a few things that I feel I should explain. We are made of of what I will call layers of consciousness. We have the ego layer and a what I will call a higher level that isn’t influenced by the ego. The ego layer is the need to be right, the need to put someone in their place or show superiority, or hurt someone. It is very powerful and can completely blind you in making sound decisions. The difficulty here is most people aren’t aware that we have this part of us. I for one used to be very egoistical and would have to be right all the time. I was the best. As I explained earlier in my enlightenment, the biggest thing that happened was that I let go of my ego (by let go I mean I realized what was influencing my emotions at least now have the option to fight it). It no longer ruled me, I didn’t care what people thought as much any more and was more focused on making people happy. That being said, during this fight I saw very clearly who was arguing and I was allowing it. I realized that with each second that past I was shaping my reality in a negative way by allowing my ego to rule me. When I realized what was going on I (not sure what I did if anything) I made a conscious effort to not allow it to control my decisions. From that second moving forward I was at peace. I had never been so calm during such a heated moment. I no longer felt the need to be right or prove my point.  All I wanted was for my friend to realize who was controlling him and make the change just as I did. While I really hated how it ended up, realizing that I have the power to step out of a toxic situation was very moving and encouraging to me.

“A man who practices 1 book of knowledge hold more power than one who reads 1000.”


Cristina Combee(non-registered)
Powerful revelation! And courageous of you to share... I'm so proud of you. With love beyond measure... yours truly.
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