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Month 1

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May 2017

Ok, no job, a few weeks left at my apt, and a crazy idea to travel the world for an undisclosed amount of time. Where do I begin? How would I possibly plan this out? I already had a trip to Italy and Greece planned in Sept. with my dad and his family and I knew I desperately needed to see my family who I only got to see every couple years. I had to fill 3 months before the Italy trip. My brother lives in Hawaii and always is trying to get me out there so I called him up and he offered to put me up from June to Aug.! Alright plans are coming together. I just have a few weeks left in Cali then off to Hawaii! Perfect timing to organize the details and move my stuff into storage and still leave time for a little journey. So I took a week and flew to vegas rented a car and explored the southwest in all its glory. Utah has a ton of amazing parks to explore and some of the darkest skies imaginable so I started to head to Arches national park. Along the way at a gas station near green river I saw a familiar face.  Weird, in the middle of nowhere in a state I knew nobody I saw somebody I knew? Sure enough I saw Ms. Tracy Lee, founder of Milky Way Chasers facebook/instagram group and social media extraordinaire. She was with a group with of photographers doing the same thing, chasing the milky way.  She invited me along for an overnight hike/camping to a remote spot called 5 hole arches. What an experience! You can find this place on Alltrails- a hiking/bike/running app that tells you everything you need to know about trails. This place was this cut out cave just next to a huge canyon with 5 huge holes opening up to this canyon and the skies. Here's the view we had from inside the cave/campsite. How epic is this! Its amazing how the world fabricates the necessary things to fulfill your dreams. From then I went to Canyonlands NP, Goblin SP, Arches NP, Dead Horse SP, Monument Valley, Horseshoe bend, Antelope Canyon, and Grand Canyon NP.  If you have any questions on visiting any of these places or questions about any of how I took these photos I'd love to help you! Check out my Southwest Gallery in latest adventures to see more awesome pictures from this trip. After returning from this trip I was feeling good, I had to whole world at my finger tips and I was ready to dig in!  Next stop Hawaii! "The Explorer"


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